General information.

Comtrance owns a Data Center in the Connecta Parc in Düsseldorf.

Data Center in Düsseldorf.

  • German Data Center location following BDSG
  • DIN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN 27001:2013 certified.
  • Uninteruptable Power Supply (UPS and Diesel Generator)
  • Redundant HVAC
  • 100% Eco Power from Water Plant
  • Early fire detection apparatus
  • 24 hours / 7 days Video surveillance
  • Access control with RFID-Chip and biometric Hand scanner
  • Antistatic raised Floor
  • Monitored by Security Service

Access to the Data Center.

The physical access to the Data Center in Düsseldorf is possible only for registered persons. RFID-scanners and a biometric scanner identifies access requesting persons and grant access if personal datas are matched.


The Data Center in Düsseldorf is build in- and outside from concrete walls. Furthermore it is built with self-closing doors. The colocation area is prepared with an antistatic raised floor (600 mm right angle tiles, up to 500 mm in the height). Access to the colocation area is at ground level for easy transport of Equipment tot he Racks.

Video surveillance System.

The whole Data Center in Düsseldorf is monitored by cameras. The cameras are positioned at each entrance and doors as well as in the Colocation area itself. All video datas are long time stored over a defined time.

Alarm- / Fire notification System.

The Data Center in Düsseldorf is prepared with a burglary alarm. Herewith are all entrances as well as critical zones are secured against unauthorized access. Furtehrmore the Data Center is prepared with a Early Fire Notification System, which monitores the Colocation Area under the ceiling as well as within the raised Floor. Both systems are connected to the local fire department as well as the Security Service who monitors the systems remote.


» Multiple redundant Carrier connections
» Diverse Fibers to PoP of the most important Carriers in the Connecta Parc

Redundant Building Fibre Entry Points.

Power cables as well as the Internet connections entering
the building over redundant and seperated building entry points.


The Air Conditioning is realized through the raised Floor. The used HVAC Systems are special Air Conditioning Systems for the usage within a Data Center and secures beside an optimized cooling for a minimized condensation risc. The Air Conditioning iss et to 24 °C ±2 °C, 50 % RH ±20 and is monitored 24/7. The cooling capacity of each HVAC unit is about 50 kW.

Uninterruptable Power Supply.

For securing a permanent power supply, thoughts with regard to the energy delivery has especially given to availability and redundancy. The electricity is permanently buffered by redundant UPS Systems, which covers possible power losses of the electricity supplier and smoothing power deviations from the electric supplier network to a continual sinus curve.

Diesel Generator.

In case of longer power outages of the electricity supplier network is a Diesel Generator in Place which delivers up to 100% oft he required power. Adjusted control mechanisms securing a the controlled step by step start of components with high voltage start power, like engine load banks and rectifier. The Generator starts within 30 sec. and is checked and running once every month. The fuel storage is sized for a continously running of the Generator for bridging longer power losses.