High Secure Connectivity - Viprinet

  • Higher bandwidth also in locations with smaller bandwidth availability with real line bonding instead of Loadbalancing.
  • Highest Availability due to automatic Line Management of various Carriers, leased line as well as mobile.
  • Highest Security in Data transfer based on a couple of encrypted connections and share of the data packets.
  • Cost reduction and independence of single Carrier solutions, i.E. MPLS-VPN or Leased Lines.
  • Solution for the extension of bandwidth at single locations or as a VPN in company networks, also as overall-internet in mobile units, like Trucks, Busses, Ships, ect.
  • German Manufacturer with own production in Germany under consideration of the German Data Protection requirement.

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Das Viprinet Prinzip

Based on the Multi WAN Bonding Technology, the modular Viprinet Router is bonding the different connection ways tot he internet. This example shows two DSL and two LTE-lines. With each line the Router builds a single secured connection together with the Viprinet Multichannel Hub and sends the data shared over all lines to the Hub. The Hub combines the data packets together.

The Viprinet principle is a real bonding of lines – with the difference to a simple loadbalancing.


comtrance - Viprinet Bonding Service

  • comtrance – Viprinet Bonding Service offers a professionell and high available Service for connecting redundant Viprinet VPN Hubs.
  • Within the comtrance Data Center. German Data Center location following the German Data Protection Law, DIN ISO 9001:2015 und DIN EN 27001:2013 certified.
  • 24/7 Premium Support is performed by long years employees with experience in handling the Viprinet techniques since 2011.
  • Freedom of choice for the usage comtrance shared Hub infrastructure or dedicated Hubs for one customer.
  • Additionally to the productiv Hubs, comtrance maintains redudant Hubs.
  • Cost optimized Billing based on the amount of connected customer locations and the used internet bandwidth.

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comtrance is certified Viprinet Partner and well established as supplier for Viprinet Hardware in Germany.

Customers are SME, City Governments, pubklic institutions, Associations, ect.

Technical Details and additional Information about the products can be found under: http://www.viprinet.com

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